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Blueprint for the Millennial America

In Grantees, Millenials, young people, Young People First on December 9, 2010 at 8:16 am

We are excited to share with you the result of Young People First’s first year of work, where thousands of Millennial from across the country identified  what a progressive future looks like.  The result is Think 2040- a program that empowers the Millennial generation to reframe the challenges and opportunities facing America and its communities to build toward a progressive future.  Check out the Blueprint for the Millennial America | Roosevelt Campus Network.  Congratulations, Zach!


Why Community College Students?

In community college, education reform, politics, students, young people on December 1, 2010 at 2:55 pm

The community college landscape has experienced enormous growth in the last 30 years with enrollment peaking in 2008. Today’s community college students are young, progressive, and hopeful about changing politics in their communities. While there has been a focus on developing the civic skills and participation of 4-year students, we believe that it is now time to focus on the training of community college students that can offer the most return on investment, especially in effecting local change.

It is not a secret that community colleges are facing difficult fiscal challenges in this economic environment, or that efforts need to be focused on helping students have access to and the ability to succeed in college. However, during a time of civic renewal among young people, we cannot afford to miss this narrow window of opportunity to equip the most progressive-minded generation in decades.

To learn more about what informed our thinking, download our report here.